- Jurassic Park Tours -

We offer two pre-packaged trips into the Skagit Valley or Mt. Baker National Forest, or if you have a specific destination in mind, we can collaborate with you or help you choose from one of several of our pre-scouted locations that will give you the feel of actually touring the real park, complete with at least one "dinosaur sighting" along the way! Plan a for short drive and a shopping trip, or the whole day and a picnic, either way you'll be sure to have a great time!

​We highly recommend dressing according to the weather, as it is always subject to change. We carry light blankets, rain gear, and basic first aid for all trips, as well as snacks and water to keep our riders happy. Max of 3 passengers per Jeep, with additional non-JP themed Jeeps available for an extra charge per Jeep/driver.

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- Wedding Parties -

$200.00 for 1/2 day onsite within the 25 miles of the Greater Seattle area, $25 for each additional hour onsite. Delivery of the Bride and Groom (and up to 1 extra passenger) included to their destination of choice within 25 miles.

​Our drivers will dress accordingly to fit your theme, or wear a matching tux upon request. Tux rental is the responsibility of the wedding party.

Call us to work out the details, there are so many awesome ways we can help you leave your venue in style!

- Birthday Parties -

$100.00 for a 1 hour visit within the 25 miles of the Greater Seattle area, $25 for each additional hour onsite. A short 10min ride is included for the birthday boy/girl, one friend, and one adult, and every child guest (up to 8 guests). We'll even provide an age-appropriate (parental-approved) gift for the special guest of honor!

​Our drivers always go the extra mile to show the Jeep and dress accordingly to fit the theme, focusing on your day, not the clock!

Call us to work out the details, we can even source the party favors, table drops, and the cake if you'd like to make us your one-call solution!

Rides for the adults that behave at the party can be worked out too!

-  Event Rental -

$250.00 per hour display charge, two hour minimum

$450.00 per day ​Load-in and Load-out charge

​​NOTE:​  Hourly rates are based on less than 6 hours per day of display. If display is to be more than 6 hours per day and/or more than one day per event, then a flat rate will be quoted on a case by case bases. Travel, food and lodging are included in a our flat rate plan.
Bookings located more than 50 miles outside the Seattle, WA will incur a $2.00 per round trip mileage charge based on distance traveled from our facility to your event. Over night stays require a lodging/hotel charge(s) for two team members at a rate of $200.00 per night.

Appearances are secured with a 50% deposit and signed contract

Props are available to enhance your exhibit, custom tailored to your venue and theme. Contact us for details and booking information.

Basic crowd control and signage available.