Our screen-accurate one-piece lightbars are custom fabricated to our specifications and coated in primer before shipment. They arrive with stainless steel hardware, making them a cinch to install. Just paint to match your Jeep, and bolt it on! Tabs for lights can be added at no additional charge.

Please allow 10-12 business days before

shipment, each bar is made to order.

$299 + tax and shipping

JP29 - Seattle-based 1992 Conversion

Items We Offer

Screen-accurate Interior Door Panels

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Occasionally we have a car that is complete and in need of an owner to take it home, or, if you're building your own JP Car and can't find the right part we might have an extra in stock. We also custom-fabricate some of our own components in house to ensure screen accuracy in our builds.

Let us help you source the items you're looking for! Use the Contact Us page to request any item you see below, or to have us track down something specific for your build!

Ramsey REP6000 Winch

Another super-difficult component to find, our screen-accurate door panels are also custom manufactured to our specifications and fully assembled before shipment. All components are new, not refurbished from broken or salvaged parts. They arrive with all necessary mounting clips, include the door pouches, and are pre-tested for fitment. Just prep your existing half doors and snap these into place! Note that the door pulls (interior handles) are not included.

Please allow up to 10-12 business days

before shipment, each set of panels

are made to order.

$599 + tax and shipping

Considered the Holy Grail by many, we occasionally run across a winch that with a little work, can be used as a prop, or even brought back to working order. Stock is never guaranteed, but we do keep a waiting list for any who are interested. All units are dismantled, inspected, cleaned, and reassembled using new parts where available.

We offer working units as-is with no warranty

as they are 20+ years old.

Always drive safe!

Stock varies by availability, those on the waiting

list will be contacted first when a winch is

made ready.

$499 + tax and shipping - Non-functional prop unit

Check back often, our inventory changes frequently!

Screen-accurate Jeep lightbar

A completed, well maintained unit located in the Greater Seattle area, JP29 has served as our prop-car, demo unit, and template vehicle for all of the items listed for sale on our site. It's even served as the getaway car for a wedding and tour car during our tour season.

As we're growing by leaps and bounds, and in order to make room for the next project, we're putting our star-car up for sale.

10% of the proceeds will be donated to a local non-profit as our way of giving back to the community, and all reasonable offers will be entertained.

​​Call today to learn more or to schedule a showing.