Our Process


Each custom build is unique, and therefore takes a lot of devotion to complete. As such, we strive to follow a rigorous "roadmap" to ensure we make the process as seamless as possible, while providing you with a quality car worthy of envy from all of your friends!

Information Collection Phase

Upon commission, we will setup a discovery meeting, where we ask a lot of questions, get to know each other, and get a feel for the overall project. We establish a final-build goal, budget, and delivery timeframe, and send you the minutes via email to confirm. From that point forward, everything we do will be based on that guideline to ensure quality and accuracy.

Project Phase - Mechanical and Safety

With the car sourced, we begin the mechanical inspection. Everything that is worn or in need of attention is inventoried and taken care of first. We check for oil leaks, old brakes, lack of power in the engine, and whether the car is able to pass emissions requirements. New tires are sourced and seatbelts checked as part of the safety inspection, and the car is "reset" to factory conditions from any previous modifications made. 

Project Phase - Prep and Paint

With the car in good running order, we then begin the task of converting it to look like a JP vehicle. We remove old interior and carpet, check for and attend to any rust/body damage issues, remove all fender flares, side-steps, bumpers, windshield, doors, and hood. This allows us to verify that all components are in good shape before applying paint and decals. All parts are painted the movie-correct colors, and the stripes are added. The major components are then reassembled, using new fasteners and rubber components, as well as new light markers and fixtures, making the car look totally new.

Project Phase - Cosmetic Details

It's no joke that the Devil' is in the details! This is where our crack team of "Car-Cosmetologists" take over and add all the touches that make this car special. We reassemble the custom interior, install the remaining props and do a final walk-through/inspection before rolling your project out.


At this point our work speaks for itself, and is ready for you to pick up. We can include shipping if you're not in the Greater Seattle Area, or we can pick you up from the airport if you'd prefer to drive it home!

Commission our staff to convert your ride!


We've done the hard part in researching each of the movie cars, learning through trial and error how best to completely convert a 1987 - 1995 Jeep Wrangler into any of the vehicles used on screen. We'll work with you on a custom build, taking care of everything from sourcing the car, to putting the keys of the finished product in your hand. Don't have the budget to "Spare no expense"? That's ok, we are happy to build your project on the car of your choice, from a non-canon model year, to a completely different vehicle, all in the spirit of the movie and what we collaboratively believe it would have looked like!

Want to convert your Jeep?